Root Canal Procedures in Garland, TX – Save The Tooth!

Root canals, a common type of endodontic treatment, are often characterized as being painful and difficult, but they really aren’t as bad as you’ve likely heard they are. Let’s take a closer look at root canal treatments…


When is a Root Canal Needed?


If your tooth has serious deterioration or has become infected, you may want to consider a root canal to repair and save the infected tooth. The American Association of Endodontists recommends root canal procedures to help remove painful dental pulp and prevent infection from spreading.


How Does Root Canal Treatments Work?


A well trained dentist or endodontist, will take a look at the area that is causing pain during an office visit and properly assess the situation. They will remove infected pulp from your tooth and place strong filling material in your tooth to protect and strengthen it. This will keep your teeth healthy and functioning properly. It will also keep the infected root area from causing pain and stop the tooth from dying which would result in it having to be permanently removed.


Why Should I Consider Root Canal Therapy?


If you don’t take care of an infected tooth, that infection could spread and cause further pain and oral health issues. Getting a tooth pulled could add negative stress to your remaining natural teeth. Saving your tooth is beneficial to all aspects of your oral health and endodontic procedures such as root canals are the best way to do that.


How to Prevent Root Canals


Avoiding too much sugar in your diet can help. In addition, brushing twice a day is imperative. Flossing regularly can be a great preventative measure, and visiting the dentist regularly can help stop cavities from turning into something more serious like a tooth infection. Take good care of your teeth and they’ll take good care of you!


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