Dental Extractions – Tooth Removal Made Simple


While it’s important to do everything possible to save and keep natural teeth, sometimes a tooth needs to go. The most common reasons for a tooth extraction include serious tooth decay, overcrowding of teeth, a severe tooth infection, or to make space in the mouth for straightening out crooked teeth.


The most common kind of tooth extraction is getting wisdom teeth removed. Whatever the reason may be, getting a tooth pulled is an important step towards better oral health and, despite what you may have heard, can be a very positive experience.


Preparing for a Tooth Extraction


Before an extraction, it’s important to call a general dentist and schedule a consultation. An x-ray should be taken of your mouth to get a clear vision of the tooth in question. Make sure to avoid food and drink for at least eight hours before the extraction time and arrange for someone to drive you home if you’ll be receiving general anesthesia.


How Do Extractions Work?


Extractions are normally divided into two categories, simple and surgical. A simple extraction is done by giving local anesthetic to the extraction site and the tooth is loosened and removed using elevators and forceps. A surgical extraction is done while the patient is under both local anesthesia and IV anesthesia. The surgery would be performed by a well trained dentist or oral surgeon. With intravenous anesthesia, you’ll be unconscious during the procedure and wake up post extraction.


Post Tooth Extraction Care


Dental care is always important, but it’s especially important to take care of your oral health post removal. Keep the extraction site clean and protected or you could end up with dry socket. Dry socket is rare, but occurs when a blood clot forms in the space where your tooth used to reside. It causes a lot of pain and is often accompanied by bad breath. If you think you have dry socket, call your dentist immediately.


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