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Dentures In Garland, TX

Do you need dentures, know somebody who does, or think you might require them in the future? Even if your oral hygiene is healthy, it’s smart to learn more about dentures in Garland, TX, as you never know when you will want to utilize cosmetic and emergency treatments to maintain a high level of oral wellbeing. It’s common to have questions, and you shouldn’t hesitate to ask. After all, it’s your body, and you have to live with the consequences if you don’t act quickly enough.

With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about dentures if you live in Garland, Texas.

What Are They?

Dentures are essentially false teeth and gums that replace your mouth’s natural features that may be missing or damaged to the point where they are hard to repair. Dentists create molds made from resin that sit in the impacted area and reflect teeth and gums in the most natural way possible. With high-quality dentures, no-one will be able to tell the difference!

When Do You Need Them?

Typically, dentures are needed when you have teeth missing. However, they are designed for when several teeth are missing since there are treatments for single gaps, such as crowns, implants, and bridges. One of the benefits is that this dental solution eliminates unnecessary confidence and self-esteem problems that arise with missing teeth. But, there is more to dentures than improved confidence as they are used to enhance your mouth’s stability.

Missing teeth cause the rest of your teeth and gums to move, sometimes causing them to come loose. As a result, dentures are preemptive measures that help you retain your remaining healthy teeth and gums. They also make it possible to chew food, which is tough to do when you have multiple gaps.

What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

There are two common denture types. They are:

Complete Dentures

As the name suggests, these are used to replace all of your natural teeth. Full dentures are usually fitted to the top and bottom jaw by a dental adhesive. Alternatively, they may stay in place via suction.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures come in a variety of forms. Besides separate upper and lower treatments that replicate teeth, they are also used to fill any gaps missing from your natural teeth as complete dentures aren’t always required.

The Process

Dentists always analyze a patient’s specific requirements first and foremost. For instance, dental experts inspect the area and decide whether you require complete or partial dentures. Once you know which treatment you need, you may have to have teeth extracted. This could be the case if you only have a few teeth left and want full dentures. In this instance, patients are given temporary dentures until the swelling dies down and your mouth returns to normal.

Partial dentures can be fitted almost immediately, and a dentist does this by attaching them to a plate made of metal, plastic, or nylon and putting them into position.

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