Is Sedation Dentistry the Best Option for Me?

Oral sedation dentistry in Garland TX is used by most dentists to help relax the mind and body during a visit. While this is a great way to accomplish your treatments without fear, it isn’t meant for everyone. Let’s see if it’s a good option for you.


What is Oral Sedation Dentistry?

When a person feels anxious and scared, their pain threshold lowers. Experiencing these symptoms makes dental work hard to accomplish. With oral sedation, the dentist relaxes the patient so the treatment is performed easier and with less pain.


The oral sedatives used are researched and proven to be effective when administered by a trained dentist. There are several sedation methods available, and your dentist will know what’s best. That’s why it’s important to be honest with your provider, so you can remain safe.


Here are some things the two of you should discuss before moving on with oral sedation:

· The medical conditions you receive treatment for.

· All the medications you take. This includes anything over-the-counter or vitamins.

· Which herbal supplements you consume regularly.

· Alcohol, drug or tobacco use


Planning for Your Appointment

Once you’ve been cleared for treatment, you’ll need to get ready for your appointment. Here are some tips to follow for success:

· Take the medication as directed by your dentist.

· Don’t drink or eat anything before your appointment unless the dentist gives the green light.

· Take a little time off work to recover after your visit.

· Have a friend drive you home after the appointment.

· Stay hydrated before and after treatment.


If you have trouble going to the dentist because of anxiety, you aren’t the only one. Many Americans require the use of dental sedation to attend their visits. With all the options available, it doesn’t make sense to put your dental health at risk by skipping appointments. Ask the dentist what can be done to alleviate your fears and worries. with the help of sedation dentistry in Garland TX.

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