Teeth Whitening in Garland TX

Are You Considering Teeth Whitening?


White teeth define a beautiful smile but life has a way of staining teeth.  Whether it is because of age, oral hygiene, the wrong type of diet or any other reason – odds are your teeth have yellowed and/or have even begun to dull in color.  This is completely natural. 


Teeth Whitening Will Restore Your Smile to its Fullest Potential!


Instead of hiding your smile, consider a painless and easy procedure Parkway Dental performs throughout Garland TX – Teeth Whitening.  In no time at all, your smile will be back to its old self-lighting up every room you enter. 


How Does Teeth Whitening Work?


Teeth are whitened in one of two ways:


Garland TX_Teeth Whitening

1. The first method is performed in-office and includes coasting your teeth with a special peroxide gel and a protective shield. This process takes less than an hour.


2.  The second method is with an at-home whitening kit.  These teeth whitening kits contain gel (with a lower concentration of peroxide) and require longer use.   Patients wear the gel in their mouth guard-like trays for a couple of hours or a few days per week.


When is it Time to Visit our Garland TX Dentist Office?


When you work in a dentist office, you hear this question at least once a week.  It resonates with people on so many different levels.  In most cases, answering this question takes two considerations:


1. Are you happy with the shade your teeth are in?


Ultimately, it is your smile and you have to live with it.  Take a moment to look in the mirror and decide whether or not you’re happy with the way your teeth look.  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied -- tell us.  Our Garland TX office is known for guiding patients to the best oral care solution for them.


2.  Who has looked at your teeth?Garland_Teeth Whitening


What’s great about our clients in Garland TX, is how open they are with us.  If something is on their mind they feel safe to share their concerns.  This is great not only for us but for proper oral care.  Knowing what’s on your mind allows us the opportunity to look into the matter and if need be perform an x-ray to get a clear and concise look at your teeth. 


Parkway Dental is Your Path to a Dream Smile!


If you’re interested in finding an affordable dentist in Garland TX who is a master at dentistry, please don’t hesitate to contact Hooman Lohrasbi and his Garland Texas Family Dentist staff at 972-885-3322 to book an appointment and learn more. 

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