Root Canal in Garland TX

Although they have a bad reputation, root canals are extremely important and not as painful as you might think.


Root canals treat infections that result from a deep cavity or a cracked tooth. If this infection is not treated, pus builds up under the tooth and may spread to the surrounding bone. This causes swelling, pain, and may force your tooth to be removed.


To protect your bones and prevent having to remove your tooth, a dentist must clean the infected area after removing the nerves and the pulp of the tooth. The nerves and pulp are not necessary for a tooth to maintain a healthy and functioning tooth after it has grown in.


How do you know if you need a root canal? If you have severe tooth pain while chewing, extreme lingering sensitivity to hot and cold, discoloration or darkening of the tooth, or swelling in the infected area we recommend that you come in immediately.


How Root Canals Work:


The dentist makes an opening in the tooth that is used to reach the pulp and nerves. The dentist then cleans and removes the pulp. If the root canal cannot be performed in one sitting, the dentist will place a temporary filling to keep the tooth clean between visits. When you come back for the second session, the dentist will remove the filling, clean the area and place a permanent filling on the tooth.


Root canals ensure a long and healthy life for the tooth. The end result is a tooth that looks the same as it did before the root canal, without the infection.

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