Dentures in Garland, TX – Replace Missing Teeth Today!


Are you missing teeth? Whether you’ve only got one gap in your smile, or many…you’re not alone. According to recent studies, nearly 178 million Americans are missing one or more teeth. And did you know that almost 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth? If you fall into either of these categories, we’ve got some solutions for you. Missing teeth is more than just a cosmetic issue, its an oral health issue. When teeth that have been lost aren’t replaced, the remaining teeth experience unnecessary stress and damage.


Different Types of Dentures


Dentures are a removable form of replacement teeth that can function and look just like your natural teeth. Because every dental situation is unique, there are many different kinds of dentures. They come in all shapes and sizes. The best way to find out what option is best for you, read the following information and talk to your dentist.


Conventional Dentures


Conventional dentures are traditional dentures. They’re a full set of complete dentures that replace a whole set of missing teeth. They are worn on top of the gums and should be cleaned and cared for just like regular teeth. Denture adhesives can be used to help keep dentures in place while talking and eating.


Partial Dentures


Partial dentures are a great choice for those who are only missing a few teeth. These denture teeth keep your natural teeth from moving and shifting and they can be removed. They are attached to a false metal root that is camouflaged by a pink, gum colored base.


Custom Dentures


If your situation is particularly unique, you may need some custom dentures that can be created just for you. Wearing dentures that are custom made for you will help give you the look of a natural smile and will get you feeling and looking your best.


Dentures may feel different at first, but full and partial dentures are a great option for those who are missing teeth and want to better care for their oral health. Not only will you be looking your best, but your teeth will be feeling their best! Contact Parkway Dental Care in Garland, TX today to talk about your denture care.